About us


As a developer, we focus on a special area.

Our goal is to use the "Jardin del Paraiso" finca concept to create an affordable home as a residence, holiday home, vanishing point that is age-appropriate and causes hardly any operating costs.

We build ecological houses that are 100% in harmony with nature and do not destroy unnecessary soil reserves.

Our zero-energy houses on the "Jardin del Paraiso" finca are ecological houses, climate-neutral, resource-saving, landscape-friendly and self-sufficient.

It is also important that you are more or less self-sufficient with fruit and vegetables through your own organic cultivation. We produce the energy with a solar system.

Due to the small community, nobody is alone, but there is maximum privacy.

As a resident you get a meaningful part-time job in the finca and the best quality of life in a unique place with the healthiest climate in the world. The standard of living, the culture and the medical care correspond to continental Europe.

Why not spend the second spring on the island of eternal spring? They deserved it!

Take a look at the "Garden of Paradise" details. Convince yourself of this fantastic finca community and secure a place in this paradise with sea views.

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A real estate agency you can trust

We have the experience, the means and the logistics to ensure that the entire process is 100% satisfactory for our customers.


If you need it, we take care of everything: documentation, construction, permits, relocation, etc.



We accompany you throughout the process. You are in the hands of professionals in the industry for your peace of mind.



Transparency for closed budgets at all times so that you do not experience any surprises.


Tenerife, a paradise to live in, good weather all year round, quality of life, low prices and the sea and mountains are omnipresent.